Working Carefree!


Networking is all about sharing. Sharing demands transparency. To and from customers, to and from employees, to and from relations. Only then can a network be used successfully.

Macee recognizes a difference between clients and customers, or as they are called in the market: end customers. Clients are relations of Macee where the professional does not actually work at the client’s location, but at the location of the client´s (end) customer. This includes secondment agencies operating in a niche market who have consultants in fixed service; they can ask us for help when they, for example, have no consultants of their own available. But also when they are looking for someone with a certain expertise that they do not have in their network. End customers are companies where the professional work is carried out via Macee.

We could publish our full list of customers and clients, but we choose not to do so. However, we will always identify our customer and how we work. Openness is very important to us.