Working Carefree!


MACEE offers an alternative solution to their partners, meaning applications and contractual issues can be completed and processed much faster. Macee provides support to business units, purchasing and human resources departments when it is needed, with a rapid deployment process that is free of unnecessary chains.

In recent years, the labour market has been a difficult one, and you can see employment industry agencies, secondment agencies, brokers and customers are now looking to renew their processes and services. Project-based and temporary work has become a greater necessity in the current economy. However, sourcing staff to carry out this work is often too cumbersome for companies. As a result, time and energy are wasted on the recruitment process, for example: in the processing of applications.

Macee supports the professionals as well the customer. It is not just our client that has to be satisfied, but also the professional. Both of them can, of course, contact Macee for contracts, advice, accounting, and payroll services. Above all, Macee still reads resumes properly, and selections are made on knowledge and experience, not “keywords”. We also look at the personal characteristics of a professional and make sure that there is a sufficient connection with the project and/or corporate culture of the client.