Working Carefree!


Are you a start-up entrepreneur? A self-employed entrepreneur? The requirements and conditions enforced by the tax authorities from those in self-employment are not always easy to grasp. Macee also offers transparency here!

The broad knowledge and experience of our colleagues can come in handy for the self-employed.

Partner network
In addition, Macee has a number of specialised companies in its partner network where self-employed professionals can lodge their quarterly returns, payments and organise their annual accounts. This leaves the entrepreneur with the time to be able to focus on assignments or projects while the formal administrative matters are being sorted out in the background.

(Inter) nationals
Macee is a valuable partner for professionals from abroad, both from the European Union and beyond. When a non-Dutch professional comes to work in the Netherlands, there is a lot of administrative work to be carried out – for example, social insurance and tax obligations. For those who come from outside the EU, even stricter conditions apply. For example, applying for a BSN number, opening a bank account and the IND registration process.

Macee knows how its way around and is able guide and advise professionals. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to ask for an appointment to receive tailor-made advice.