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With one comprehensive platform, management of the entire hiring and invoicing process can be organised on behalf of suppliers. MACEE provides this option by using the right software.

What is a Vendor Management System?
A VMS manages the entire hiring process with one comprehensive platform. From the initial application by the manager to the approval of the order confirmation by the supplier.

What sets VMS apart from other hiring platforms is the possibility to fill in the hours and organise the billing with suppliers. Additionally, a market place process can be simply facilitated within a Vendor Management System.

A list of the benefits…

Our software application manages suppliers and external parties from the cloud. It provides a simple, flexible and efficient overview of the hiring process – workflows, processes, details and comprehensive reports – from contract management, registration, licensing and hiring to projects and categories.

IT has built a solid international reputation and can be customized to different languages, currencies, laws & regulations, price agreements and other local preferences. The system is built on a Web 2.0 platform using the latest technology; it is scalable for customers and suppliers and simultaneously provides highly secure environments for each customer individually.