Working Carefree!


Do you use external consultants that you recruited yourself and do you want to handle this as efficiently as possible? MACEE handles all contractual, financial and compliance matters, and may even be used as a legal employer if required.

The benefit to you:
– External HR department; no need for you to hire an HR employee.
– Coverage of the Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid (WKA – 1 July 1982), Wages and Salaries Tax and National Insurance Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors): Macee checks the quarterly returns and contributions made by self-employed professionals to the tax authorities.
– 1 billing address.
– Fewer administrative tasks.
– No concern about screening: VOG, Credit check, etc.
– Your risks associated with sickness and dismissal are limited.
– You no longer have to pay contributions to the UWV, tax office and other agencies.

Contract Management
Macee provides the above services, both for self-employed professionals as well as candidates who must be paid based on a project agreement. Candidates that are paid based on the number of hours worked and an hourly rate are offered a so-called project agreement (zero hours contract). This means that all deductions will be paid from the hourly rate. In addition, holiday pay as obliged by law will be included in the hourly rate. The more hours a candidate works each month, the more he or she will earn; days off and/or holidays will be the responsibility of the candidate and, therefore, not paid.

Payroll Services
Macee takes full responsibility for the payroll and, therefore, any associated labour law obligations and financial risks. As a client, you will be able to concentrate on the core business. This means: hiring new workers, deciding the salary, managing the roster and taking care of other internal matters that are important for the company and employees.