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Secondment & Recruitment Secondment & Recruitment

The provision of temporary or permanent staff members to support companies in meeting demand at peak times or during maternity leave, the clearing of backlogs, or for the implementation of specific projects.


Vendor Management Services and Managed Service Providers. The management, organisation and streamlining of a flexible workforce provided by specialist suppliers and external forces, supported by our Software.

Contract Management Contract Management

The provision of contractual and financial services through the hiring of (temporary) external consultants from your own network. It is possible for Macee to employ your personnel and, therefore, be a “legal employer”.

Who we are

MACEE optimises the entire spectrum of HR processes through innovation, clear agreements, and thinking with suppliers, candidates and customers. Our services include Secondment, Vendor Management and Contract Management.

Project-based and temporary work has become a necessity in the current economy. However, sourcing staff to carry out this work is often too cumbersome for companies. As a result, time and energy are wasted on the recruitment process, for example: in the processing of applications.

Macee offers an alternative solution to their partners, meaning applications and contractual issues can be completed and processed much faster. Macee provides support to various business units, and purchasing and human resources departments when it is needed, with a rapid deployment process that is free of unnecessary chains.

Macee is the specialist in the (inter)national labour market by making our knowledge available and working transparently.

We offer effective and efficient added value by sharing our knowledge and avoiding inefficiencies in our processes. We believe the customer acts for himself, and so does the candidate.


Macee caters for a wide range of clients and customers who operate in various industries with functions ranging from IT, business, marketing, human resources, finance and technology.

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